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These are references and reviews from some of my guests, about our Rome tours. Their reviews are for the Rome tours and day tours from Rome that we have done together.

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Medine Yilmaz
Job: Interpreter
City: Erfurt
Country: Germany

We initially only wanted to book a half-day tour, which then turned into three days. Erturk is not a classical guide, but instead came across as a historian, who enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. Following the guided tours with Erturk my husband and I watched documentaries about the city, in which the knowledge which Erturk had provided us with was repeated and reinforced in our minds.

Erturk does not just possess detailed knowledge; he also has an impeccable taste. The restaurant to which he took us was a veritable culinary wonder. We have fallen in love with Rome. Erturk has greatly contributed to this. We do not just recommend your company to other visitors, but we will book Erturk once again.

Sue Tasker
Job: Retired
City: Plymouth
Country: UK

Having Erturk as our guide in turned a short holiday into exciting, interesting and educational experience. His knowledge of art and history of Rome is amazing.
I was afraid my 14 year old grandson would be bored looking at old buildings but Erturk brought the history to life and we both enjoyed it very much. We managed to see so much in two days but there was no pressure and Erturk made sure we could take breaks whenever we needed to.
I would definitely recommend Erturk as a guide for people of all ages.

Andrew Creary
Job: Insurance Broker
City: Minneapolis
Country: United States

Erturk Durmus is by far the best tour guide throughout Rome!!! His knowledge, education, and engineering background all sync together seemlessly to create a one of a kind tour expierence for his guests. I learned more on our lovely tour of the Colloseum and Roman Forum than any book, movie, or educational documentary could ever teach me. His ability to bring roman ruins back to life through his stories as well as pictures makes you feel like you are walking through Rome back in 200 B.C. My wife and I were so impressed with Erturk Durmus tour that we told all of our friends back in the states. Trust me, walk with Erturk on his tour and listen to other groups and you will be so glad that you chose him because there isn't a better, more knowledgeable tour guide in all of Rome!

Chris Cove
Job: Teacher
City: Southampton
Country: United Kingdom

Erturk was a fantastic tour guide for our school party on our first day in Rome. His knowledge of the entire city, the history, the architecture was superb. Erturk was so friendly and polite and made our time in Rome really interesting and informative.
Thank you

Yegor Lavrukhin
Job: Massage-Physical Therapist
City: Saint Petersburg
Country: Russia

I would really like to thank Erturk and his team. Our Rome experience was wonderful from the beginning to the end. Next time will definetely contact you guys for another perfect vacation! Would definitely recommend to all my friends.

Myrna Holguin-Roeder
Job: Adult Education Instructor
City: New York
Country: USA

My husband and I were on our honeymoon and we booked a private tour with Erturk to see the heart of Rome. It would been very challenging by ourselves because my husband has multiple sclerosis and uses a cane to help him walk. He suffers from fatigue and we were concerned about how we would explore the city.
The tour was less stressful because of our wonderful tour guide, Erturk. He was extraordinarily knowledgeable in the history and architecture of the city. He answered all of our questions and we could see his passion and respect for Rome's ancient past. Erturk was considerate, kind, and understanding towards my husband's needs. He obtained a wheelchair for my husband and helped him throughout the tour.
We were very pleased with Erturk. Thank you for a wonderful introduction to Rome.
Mike and Myrna