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These are references and reviews from some of my guests, about our Rome tours. Their reviews are for the Rome tours and day tours from Rome that we have done together.

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Erturk Durmus
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 19 reviews
 by Nico, Lemoine

Erturk was so knowledgeable on every subject. Finding out what part of the history you like and finding the sculptures or paintings that you would like and explain it. Knowing his way around the whole city, allowing him to know the best restaurants to stop at for lunch. Making him a must have tour guide to have an amazing experience!!!

 by Jasmine Cubuk
Country: USA

Erturk was a phenomenal guide. He was full of fun facts and so knowledgeable about the city of Rome and all the ancient ruins. He was kind, friendly, energetic, and everything we would have hoped for in a guide. I highly recommend booking a tour with him. You won’t be disappointed!!

Job: CEO
City: Atlanta
Country: United States

Throughout my education I was always intrigued by the tales of Julius Caesar, the battles of Hannibal, and all that Ancient Rome entails. Erturk made the Legends come to life! I felt as if I were back in the history as Erturk explained each detail as though Marc Anthony was giving his speech near Caesar's funeral pyre.

Erturk went out of his way to show us the details behind the details, which he tends to be good as a Civil Engineer himself, I believe the only Rome tour guide to be such. My grandfather and I spent several days 12 hours straight exploring with Erturk as he gave us extra time so we can get "the true story."

From the Vatican, Colosseum, Pantheon, Forum, Nero's palace, we got every detail... We ended the week near Caligula's personal lake, where the Pope had created the first ever mail box, drinking cappuccinos. How else could we end such a trip!

My Professor the Cornell History Chairman provided the recommendation, and he was on the money!

 by Hugh, Liz, and Matt Robison
City: Sugar Hill NH and Los Angeles CA
Country: USA

What a terrific time we had touring Rome with Erturk. We only had 2 days, and he definitely gave us the very broadest experience we could hope for in such a short time. He was prompt, courteous, and so incredibly knowledgeable. We also learned he has a wonderful sense of humor. Thanks so much Erturk!

 by Stalker
Job: Data Architect
City: Gainesvillle
Country: USA

My wife and I were both excited to be in Rome and waiting outside the Vatican for a skip the line tour. When we met our guide, Erturk, he informed us that we would be the only people in the group. We were thrilled because we would get the complete attention of the person responsible for showing us around the Vatican museum, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter's Basilica.

Erturk was so knowledgeable. I can honestly say that although this was the 1st tour we took during our 2 week trip to Italy, it was by far the absolute best. I like to think of myself as somewhat informed with the topic of ancient Rome and one of the best things about our time with Erturk is that he never rushed us through any of the exhibit and took the time to answer all of our questions. He set our expectations with regard to the Sistine Chapel and what we would be able to see and when we got to St. Peters Basilica he seemed to know everything.

We were fortunate to have had a one-on-one tour, but if you are planning a trip to Rome and want to have one of the most informed, respectful, and personable guides, I would tell you to reach out to him. We really enjoyed our time with Erturk and will certainly look him up on our next trip to Rome.

Thank you Erturk, for a most memorable day.

 by Amyna Karmali
City: Seattle
Country: USA

My husband and I (both bankers) - together with our 3 adult children (lawyer, doctor and geologist) - had the pleasure of spending half a day with Erturk Durmus visiting the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Pantheon in Rome during our 10-day trip to Italy last month (May 2018).

The time with Erturk was certainly the most intellectually satisfying and probably the most memorable part of our trip to Rome. From understanding how the Romans built an unreinforced concrete dome on top of the Pantheon around 100 AD, which still stands today as an elegant structure after almost 1,900 years; to how in densely populated Ancient Rome a fire was likely started to clear out the site occupied by the Colosseum; and how the popular saying ‘All Roads Lead to Rome’ was based off the Ancient Roman road system - we learned a lot during our few hours with him.

Erturk’s background as a civil engineer, together with his natural curiosity, made his perspectives and thoughtful commentary invaluable to our better appreciation of Ancient Rome. He is also articulate and polite, but firm, in managing the crowds and traffic around Rome.

We hope to spend more time with Erturk during our next trip to Rome.

Job: Contemplative Psychiatrist
City: New York
Country: USA

Our family of four—including two teenage sons—spent two full days touring Rome with Erturk. His expertise in all things related to Rome— history and archeology, religion, engineering and art—alone would make him the perfect guide. On top of that, he weaves all his insights together seamlessly with a great knack for local color and story-telling. Somehow he managed to take us through a time portal to ancient, medieval, renaissance and boroque Rome in a spell that worked for all ages and inclinations, from religion scholar and history buff to our lovers of soccer, entertainment and art. To top it all off, he is a truly humble, caring and joyful man who loves people and sharing his passion for Rome. Even Virgil wouldn’t be a better guide! So if you want the Eternal City to come to life for you and yours, give yourself the gift of some time walking through it with Erturk Durmus.

 by Sena & Dila
Job: Student
City: Ankara
Country: Turkey

This experience has been extraordinary for me and my family. We all learned and discovered things that we never knew before! I didn't know that history and structures we linked to each other so much. I all learned this from my tour guide Erturk, he was kind and knowledgeable towards us. Every 20 minutes he asked us do we need anything which made me abled to say that I needed to go to the bathroom without interrupting. If I had a chance again to go somewhere to explore, I would definitely go to Italy again! Again, thanks for the experience.

Sena (13) & Dila (8)

 by Alisa Hagopian
City: Pasadena
Country: Usa

We were so blessed to get a historian such as Erturk Durmus. Our whole family loved his passion and knowledge for the city of Rome. Erturk gave us a very unique and interesting tour. There was never a dull moment. He is very interactive with the whole group. So kind and fun to have been with. It was because of Erturk that we left Rome with a in depth knowledge of the cities history. If you are looking for a great guide, with a unique fun experience Erturk is the person.

 by Mark Alisa Alex Jordan Hagopian
Job: Professional
City: Pasadena
Country: United States

If you are looking for the most knowledgeable passionate fun tour guide Erturk is that person. His passion for the history in Rome and his knowledge of every detail will answer any question you possibly had. Erturk Durmus made our day in Rome a tour so personal and memorable that we will always look at Rome in a completely different way. I could not imagine not doing a private tour such as this experience.

 by Gloria Petrescu
Job: Teacher
City: Shanghai
Country: China

This year I decided to visit Rome, the capital of a great empire. I was anxious to find how The Colosseum was build, how everything started, how they built their famous roads, etc. Wondering around with a guide book in my hands didn't seem a good idea for me.
I realized I should find a tour guide; but I wouldn't have been satisfied with a tour guide telling me something that I could find googling about Rome. So I searched for the perfect tour guide and I've been lucky to find Erturk, the best one in Rome!

So if you want to see Ancient Rome coming alive in front of you, even though we live in the XXIst century, take a walk with Erturk. It's absolutely amazing!

Thank you so much Erturk! The days without you in Rome were dull and illiterate. So I need to come back and book more than one day.
And for all of you out there having doubts if it's a good idea or not to contact him, don't hesitate! It will be the best decision you will take on your "Roman Holiday".

PS: For me it would be great if Erturk could be a world cities guide, so any great city would look more beautiful and detailed in the eyes of the naive tourist.





 by Bindu Shah
City: San Francisco
Country: USA

We recently spent 2 days in Rome with Erturk. We were a family of 5 and had an amazing time with him. He was extremely knowledgeable and great with our 3 kids. Would definitely recommend him as a guide.

Job: Professor of History and Classics at Cornell University
City: Ithaca, New York
Country: USA

Erturk Durmus is a superb tour guide. He is immensely knowledgeable about Rome and the surrounding areas. On top of that, he is a civil engineer, so no one can explain the Roman art of building better. Finally, he is a warm and welcoming person who will gear the tour to your needs. I have visited sites with Erturk and I couldn't be more impressed.

 by Medine Yilmaz
Job: Interpreter
City: Erfurt
Country: Germany

We initially only wanted to book a half-day tour, which then turned into three days. Erturk is not a classical guide, but instead came across as a historian, who enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. Following the guided tours with Erturk my husband and I watched documentaries about the city, in which the knowledge which Erturk had provided us with was repeated and reinforced in our minds.

Erturk does not just possess detailed knowledge; he also has an impeccable taste. The restaurant to which he took us was a veritable culinary wonder. We have fallen in love with Rome. Erturk has greatly contributed to this. We do not just recommend your company to other visitors, but we will book Erturk once again.

 by Sue Tasker
Job: Retired
City: Plymouth
Country: UK

Having Erturk as our guide in turned a short holiday into exciting, interesting and educational experience. His knowledge of art and history of Rome is amazing.

I was afraid my 14 year old grandson would be bored looking at old buildings but Erturk brought the history to life and we both enjoyed it very much. We managed to see so much in two days but there was no pressure and Erturk made sure we could take breaks whenever we needed to.

I would definitely recommend Erturk as a guide for people of all ages.

 by Andrew Creary
Job: Insurance Broker
City: Minneapolis
Country: United States

Erturk Durmus is by far the best tour guide throughout Rome!!! His knowledge, education, and engineering background all sync together seemlessly to create a one of a kind tour expierence for his guests. I learned more on our lovely tour of the Colloseum and Roman Forum than any book, movie, or educational documentary could ever teach me. His ability to bring roman ruins back to life through his stories as well as pictures makes you feel like you are walking through Rome back in 200 B.C. My wife and I were so impressed with Erturk Durmus tour that we told all of our friends back in the states. Trust me, walk with Erturk on his tour and listen to other groups and you will be so glad that you chose him because there isn't a better, more knowledgeable tour guide in all of Rome!

 by Chris Cove
Job: Teacher
City: Southampton
Country: United Kingdom

Erturk was a fantastic tour guide for our school party on our first day in Rome. His knowledge of the entire city, the history, the architecture was superb. Erturk was so friendly and polite and made our time in Rome really interesting and informative.

Thank you

 by Yegor Lavrukhin
Job: Massage-Physical Therapist
City: Saint Petersburg
Country: Russia

I would really like to thank Erturk and his team. Our Rome experience was wonderful from the beginning to the end. Next time will definetely contact you guys for another perfect vacation! Would definitely recommend to all my friends.

 by Myrna Holguin-Roeder
Job: Adult Education Instructor
City: New York
Country: USA

My husband and I were on our honeymoon and we booked a private tour with Erturk to see the heart of Rome. It would been very challenging by ourselves because my husband has multiple sclerosis and uses a cane to help him walk. He suffers from fatigue and we were concerned about how we would explore the city.

The tour was less stressful because of our wonderful tour guide, Erturk. He was extraordinarily knowledgeable in the history and architecture of the city. He answered all of our questions and we could see his passion and respect for Rome's ancient past. Erturk was considerate, kind, and understanding towards my husband's needs. He obtained a wheelchair for my husband and helped him throughout the tour.

We were very pleased with Erturk. Thank you for a wonderful introduction to Rome.

Mike and Myrna